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ShaD»Hikaru™{ELD} / Aug 11, 2015
Struggling to improve your RUSHING Game? With these Advanced tips, you will more effective using SMG's and Win more gunfights while rushing!

Every Team should have AT LEAST 1 SMG role!
Sub Machine Guns are the BEST Weapons for Close-Quarter-Combat! So, next time you are in a Close Quarter fight, and you see an SMG on the ground.... MAKE USE OF IT!
Hello and welcome to the website of "The Shadow Squad"!
We are currently looking for skilled and nice people who want to join this clan.
Send us an application or hit us up on steam or ingame! Simply ask for a tryout!
As you can imagine, we will not accept any noobs. We don't use any "noob weapons" and we do NOT "flame." If any of us should break these rules, they will be kicked.

We are open for any scrims. If you want to play us, hit us up or leave a message on Steam!

If your application is accepted then you are a member of the Shadow Squad. Not only are you a member, but you are a part of our family as well!
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