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ShaD»Hikaru™{SL} / Feb 25, 2015
Airsoft GoPro Match: Playing With Some Cheaters
Location: Kindred Community Church Hills
Event: Capture The Cross Fundraiser
Special Effects: Call of Duty Hitmarker Sound Effect & Image

What's up guys! Today I'm bringing you something other than gaming! I'm just starting to get into the hobby of Airsofting, and so far its a great way to stay in shape. (depending on how much you move) This Church has a Capture The Cross fundraiser every year, and my friends invited me to come. This was my first Airsoft event but I feel that there weren't many competitive players there.
Many People weren't calling there hits on this match. It might have been because the rules were Chest-Shot only, but I think that our team really laid down the pain.

Visit the Church's website today!

My Loadout for the day:
Lancer Tactical M4 RIS 400FPS w/ 20g
Desert Eagle Silver Spring Pistol 240FPS with 20g

Leave a comment down below if you guys want me to add any special effects!
Did you like the Call of Duty sound effects and hitmarkers? Let me know in the comments if I should make future videos like this!
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